Satin Wheels, Pads and Mops

High-quality polishing wheels, pads, and mops ideal for light abrasive work, cleaning applications, and satin finishing. These products are available in four grades: Very Fine, Fine, Medium, and Coarse.

Our abrasive lap mops are made from abrasive non woven discs. They can be used with tapered spindles, air tools, and drills to deburr, blend and grain metal surfaces. We also stock scotch Brite pads and rolls in different sizes, grades, and grit types. Choose the right type to achieve the desired finish.

You can find various wheel types in our store, including combi wheels and satin wheels, for either a decorative brush or satin finish. The Satin Combi Multi  Purpose discs are suited for polishing stainless steel, while the coarse satin flap discs are designed for finishing work.

You can find shank-equipped versions of all our products.