Polishing Compounds

The Polishing Shop has a wide selection of polishing compounds, suitable for all metals, plastics, woods, horn and lacquers.

We offer different sizes of Menzerna polishing bars that can be used for all types of metals, as well as a lacquers, resins, plastics, horn and wood. Our heavy cut bars are suitable for removing grit from heavy metals and no ferrous metals, as well as providing a medium bright finish. Our medium cut bars work with all metals, including precious ones, to provide a bright finish. The Finishing and Super Finishing bars have been designed to not only work with metals, but plastics and even resins, providing a smooth high shine finish.

We also stock UK’s classic compounds: Lustre, Carbrax, RAB33G, Kocour Bars, Dialux, 1487 pink and many more.