Polishing Mops

Just a few words on polishing mops, most information will be obvious.

Sisal Mops
Hard mops for cutting hard metals such as steel, stainess , titanium etc Sisals can come in many different qualities.

Resin Treated Blue
Sisals can be resin treated, this makes the mop harder. Hard mops cut better but the finish will be duller.

Sisal open Stitch
If you find the sisal is too hard and not breaking down (forms a layer of compound and metal on the mop surface). You need open stitch sisals, they break down a little better, all mops need to break down but not too fast and not too slowly.

Italian sisal
Available in 10" and 12" very hard pure South African premium sisal. White sisal not treated, it's very good top end quality sisal but this comes at a price. They do last much longer than standard sisal. Good option to the treated sisal.

Stitch mops
Can be close stitch colour, close stitch white or open stitch white.
Close stitch colour are denim mops, the hardest of the three. If you use the close stitch white and find them breaking down too quickly then try close stitch colour. They are harder and more wear resistant than the close stitch white. The colour mop does contain harder cloth so what you gain with hardness and wear you lose with quality of the finish a close stitch mop can give.

Open stitch mops, like the sisals above if you find the close stitch mop wearing down too slowly (forms a layer of compound and metal on the mop surface). Then look to use open stitch they break down a little better.

Loose mops- Unstitched.
We stock a few different cloths
F quality
Stiff card like material. Popular in Jewellery trades other bespoke applications.

B quality Medium
Medium hardness unstitched polishing mops. Commonly used for pre-polishing plastics and woods and a good option if you find the G cloth a little soft.

G quality Soft
Most popular unstitched finishing cloth. Used for finishing all materials, plastics and woods.

Reflex Very soft
Softer than G quality cloth. Fine silky material we supply a lot of this cloth to the Jewellery trades.

WDR super soft
Our softest cloth. For very fine work and commonly used with compounds such as P175 and M5 for high class finishing work.