Guide to Menzerna Compounds for all metals

More detailed information about the Menzerna range.

We have also added a Cut score. This gives an idea of how much cut/aggression the compound has but the type of mop also has an effect.
The Gloss score gives an idea of what sort of finish you will end up with. Normally the more cut you have the less bright/gloss the finish will be.

Metal Polishing Compounds:

Super Heavy Cut
523LBZ Grey
A grey-cutting compound.
Cut 9 Gloss 2

Heavy Cut
439T Green
A cut/colour compound. Used on all metals this compound has a good cut and still leaves a bright finish. It contains a special grease that binds the abrasive to mop which increases bar and mop life. A very popular mid to heavy-cutting compound.
Cut 7 Gloss 5

Medium Cut
P14 Classic White
A classic cut/colour compound. Used on all metals this compound has a good balance of cut and colour. Can be used with sisal or white mops
Cut 6 Gloss 6

Medium Cut
P164 Blue
A finishing compound with more colour than cut. Used on all metals this compound is commonly used as a finishing compound. Gives a nice bright finish. Commonly used with White mops or Loose Mops.
Cut 5 Gloss 7



495P White

This is a compound for harder ferrous metals such as stainless steel. Contains a special grade of abrasive that cuts and also gives good productivity. Would not recommend this compound on softer metals such as brass and copper. The reason is that the grade of abrasive being so hard can scratch non-ferrous metals. This compound can be used with white mops.

Cut 4 Gloss 8

480BLF Blue
A finishing compound formulated for polishing aluminium. Very good when the items to be polished are thin as the extra grease in the compound helps with cooling.
Cut 3 Gloss 8

Super Finish
P175 Yellow
Premium finishing compound for all metals. Very popular if you demand perfection. Use with soft loose polishing mops such as WDR grade.
Cut 2 Colour 9

Super Finish
M5 White
A new very fine finishing compound, can be used as an option to P175 Yellow or as an alternative.
Cut 1 Colour 10

Common Steps:
Polishing works in steps or stages, this can be one to four stages depending on what finishing you are looking for. The choice of the compound can depend on many factors such condition of the workpiece, type of metal, cost of the compound and personal choice of the compound.
I will list some general options in three stages:

Stage 1 Compounds

Stage 2 Compounds
439T and P14

Stage 3 Compounds
495P, P164,  and P175

Case Studies
Listed below are some common processes that some of our customers use. It is important to remember this is just a general guide and is what processes work for a particular customer. It's not written in stone and people's choices may vary.

Stainless steel marine/boat worker premium finish
523LBZ Grey- with a sisal mop
 333 Greenwith a white close stitch mop
M5 White loose G quality mop