• Combi and Abrasive Kit Small

Multi-stage polishing kit. Contains abrasive and polishing stages.  The number of stages needed depends on the surface condition of the metal.

For the abrasive process, the kit contains Satene (abrasive compound) its a glue and abrasive mix that is coated on the wheel and left to dry for several hours.

Rigger Gloves
FFP1 Dust Mask- Better quality dust mask.
Vienna Lime Powder- Cleaning
1 off Standard Taper for 4" Mops
1 off Long taper 2" and smaller mops
4 off felt cones 1/4"x1/2"(6mm x 12mm)
4 off felt cones 3/8"x1/2"(10mm x 12mm)
4 off felt cones 1/2"x1" (12mm x 25mm)
Felt can be used for abrasive and polishing work, Ideal for very awkward areas.

For Polishing Work:
1 off 4"x1" G loose mop (100mm x 25mm)
1 off 4"x1" 2 section white mop close stitch (100mm x 25mm)
1 off 4"x1" 2 section sisal mop (100mm x 25mm)

Selection of mini sisals, white stitch and G mops.

600 Gram Bar P164 Menzerna Polishing Compound General finishing compound
600 Gram Bar 439T Menzerna Polishing Compound Medium cutting & colouring compound
600 Gram Bar 523LBZ Menzerna Polishing Compound Grey heavy cutting compound

For Abrasive Work:
1 off 4"x1" section colour mops (100mm x 25mm)
Mini Colour stitch mops
1 off 450gram 300grit abrasive compound

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Combi and Abrasive Kit Small

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