Norton Pro A975 150mm Disc 120 grit 15 Hole

Norton Pro A975 150mm Disc 120 grit 15 Hole

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 A975  is designed for the most demanding sanding applications on primed and painted parts, composites, marine gel coat, wooden furniture and non-ferrous metals.Using a combination of SG and premium heat-treated aluminium oxide, A975 provides the most aggressive, coolest cut to date. With good wear resistance, it provides longer product life, up to twice as long as conventional discs. A975 achieves a more consistent and uniform scratch pattern, maintaining an excellent surface finish.The fibre-reinforced latex saturated paper provides 50-60% better tear resistance while maintaining excellent flexibility.In addition, the water-based stearate No-Fil coating provides maximum load resistance. With our unique coloured backing technology, no pigment is used in the bond or No-Fil coating, eliminating any colour contamination or transfer

Holes- 15
Diameter- 150mm
Backing- Velcro

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