Blaze Rapid Strip Disc 100mm x 13mm 66623304856

Blaze Rapid Strip Disc 100mm x 13mm 66623304856

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Diameter 100mm

Width 12.7mm

Centre Hole- 10mm

Norton Blaze rapidstrip is ideal for fast stripping and cleaning without gouging or causing excessive stock removal on metal. depressed centre and Quick-change discs are available and can withstand heavy applications such as stripping rust encrusted metal, without shredding. not only tough, Blaze rapidstrip discs are also extremely versatile, by using a lighter pressure Blaze rapidstrip can also be used as a surface finishing disc.

Features and Benefits

Norton SG Blaze ceramic grain
3D Web construction
No shedding on rust-encrusted pieces, or load on soft metals
Resists loading
Prevents gouging and rework
Aggressively removes surface contaminants
Removes weld splatter and burrs
Cleans and conditions without damaging work component
Provides perfect consistent key for paint/coating
Safe to use on cast iron, steels, aluminium, fibreglass and composites

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