495P White Menzerna Compound 1.25kg Bar

495P White Menzerna Compound 1.25kg Bar

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495P White Menzerna Polishing compound bar

Compound Classification- Finish

What's this compound used for- Finishing compound with some cut.

What metal is it used for-  A495 P is a universal finish paste.Designed especially for all types of plastics. Also suited for steel and stainless steel,

What mop should I use- Commonly used with  B quality loose mops and G quality loose mops.

Stats- Cut 4 Gloss 7

Compound that very popular in two very different industry sectors. Works well are a finishing compound on stainless steel and for light cutting operations on plastics. The fast cutting properties of this compound means that heat build up low, which would lend its self well to polishing plastic components.

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