• Menzerna GC Liquid Sanding 1 Litre

Full speed ahead. Liquid sanding is the Menzerna breakwater.

This liquid sandpaper aggressively sands badly scratched, dirty or chalky gelcoats. Liquid sanding establishes clear conditions at repair sites: ideal surface preparation for subsequent polishing.

Surface Preparation

Cut / Gloss:
Equivalent to P800 - P1200

  • High-grade sanding powder, very easy to use
  • Even sanding pattern
  • Clean sanding pattern, also on curvatures
  • No sanding dust, no dirt, no breathing protection required thanks to liquid suspension of the abrasive grits

Use With:

lambs Wool

Or Non woven scotchbrite pad by hand.

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Menzerna GC Liquid Sanding 1 Litre

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