• Mansol Citric Descale Bottle 5 litre
!!<>!!Description:!!<>!! This is a highly concentrated Citric Acid based product with a low level of Phosphoric Acid to aid against re-rusting of components !!<>!!Application:!!<>!! Used to remove rust and oxidisation from a wide range of components. Will remove deep rust, de-oxidises and brightens aluminium components, will also remove rust from chrome plated parts when used at low concentrations. !!<>!!Make up:!!<>!! Used at 2 to 20% concentration and at room temperature to 80 C Depending on what scale is to be removed and the properties of the parent metal. !!<>!!Operating conditions!!<>!!: Can be used at room temperature in a plastic container or in a heated tank which will make the solution more active and speed up the process. The use of flow machines or ultra-sonic machines will vastly improve results and time scale. !!<>!!Health and Safety:!!<>!! Wear PPE when working with Mansol Citric De-Scale

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Mansol Citric Descale Bottle 5 litre

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