Belgom Lustreur Ultra Protect

  • Belgom Lustreur Ultra Protect

Belgom Lustreur Ultra Protect

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Thanks to its formula with titanium oxide, Belgom Lustreur Ultra Protector gives an exceptional shine to all types of paint while protecting durably against the aggressions of the pollution, weathering, corrosion or aging. Applied winter on the underbody of your vehicle, it protects from icing salt attack. Professionals and collectors also use it on chrome, stainless steel and bare aluminum, which gives it a brilliant shine! Directions: Apply to a vehicle perfectly washed and prepared with the product of Belgom range adapted to the basic state of his body (Belgom Belgom shampoo or washing powder + Belgom Painting Restorer) and whose body is cold . Using a cotton polishing or microfibre, affix the product by turning and small areas. Wipe and polish with a cotton buffing or a clean microfibre. Useful: Use only cotton or microfiber polishing dedicated to your polish to obtain optimum results without risk of scratching. 


Do not pamper your car in the sun.

Use microfiber or cotton polishing, some fabric materials can scratch the paint.

Remember that regular maintenance is essential to eliminate the daily stress on your body and it helps to sustainably maintain the beauty of your car.

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